Gubbe is the best solution for finding help & companionship for your elderly loved one.

The platform connects students to elderly who need help with housework, staying active, transportation, technology lessons and more.

missioN #1

Help elderly people live a longer, happier and more active life.

Happier & more active elderhood.

missioN #2

Create meaningful jobs for young people to prevent social exclusion.

Problem & Solution

Relatives struggle with not having enough time to help their elderly loved ones.

Gubbe offers safety & peace of mind for the whole family.

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Currently we are available only in Sweden and Finland. Call our Swedish customer service to find out more at 073 4110000 or leave submit your contact information below and we will be in contact with you shortly

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En del av familjen.
Gubbe är Sveriges främsta seniortjänst som erbjuder regelbunden omsorg för äldre personer i hela Sverige. Vi håller de äldre aktiva, hjälper till med vardagssysslor och ökar tryggheten för hela familjen. Gubbes tjänst är för alla äldre - oavsett ålder eller funktionsförmåga. Stressfri omsorg av samma bekanta Gubbe-hjälpare hemma hos den äldre eller på ett servicehus.
‍073 4110000

8-15 (må-fre)

Gubbe AB